Homoeopathy for bad breath

Offenssive odor from the mouth is a frequent complaint from the day to day medical practice.It mainly affects those who mingle with other people quite carefully. Bad breath is noticed mostly by the friends & family members or some times individual himself feel it and return to the doctor.Many badbreathers develop depression which compels them to be away from the society which in turn interrupts their actions.

Homoeopathy is a system of medication brought on by a german doctor Dr Samuel Hahnemann.Homoeopathy treats the diseased person as a whole rather than treating diseased parts or organs.The physical,mental,emotional,social worlds of a person is regarded as a permanent cure.This system believes that the ailments are caused due to the derangement of vital force that’s an invisible power in each individual.In a wholesome state the vital force maintains the balance of mind soul and body .During this guy will have ordinary sensations and functions.When the vital force becomes affected there will be outward indications in the form of signals and symptoms.The imbalance within the body functions creates a shelter for forign organisms(bacteria,viruses,fungi,protozoa ect) and enable them to proliferate &create so called diseases.Homoeopathy believes thet the true desease comes before the bacteria & viruses,hence the source of the disease has to be treated for a permenent cure.The antibacterial and antifungal agents just remove the secondary causes mentioned previously.
Diseases are produced by poisonous morbific agents called Miasms that are dynamic influences which affect the very important force.There are largely three miasms PSORA,SYPHILIS&SYCOSIS. These causes are approved by other universities of medicine but predicted by various names. Psora causes operational disturbances, syphilis cause structural changes in the form of destructions and sycosis triggers changes in the form of overgrowth.These three miasms can act individually or in joint form producing different disease conditions.
To treat bad breath using homoeopathic medicine is simple if proper treatment in suitable dosage is provided. From the homoeopathic medical repertory from Dr Robin Murphy there are 140 homoeopathic drugs noted for bad breath.So just giving one drug for bad breath may not offer decent result.To come to a correct remedial diagnosis we should have the symptomatology of the person. It’s the total symptoms of a person including mental generals,bodily generals,particular symptoms ect.Bad breath is considered as a physical general symptom .Eventhough it comes just from a part of the body that it affects the whole individual.
Symptoms related with appetite,thirst,bowels ect are included in bodily generals.
All signs and symptoms (physical & psychological )of the man or woman is taken in detail.Knowledge about previous illneses,history of diseases,food & bowel habits,relation to climatic changes and constitution ect are mentioned down in a systematic order.
Mental symptoms:

Instance: Body makeup,appetite,thirst,desires,aversions,guts,urination,sleep,flavor, nature of smell,sparks any abnormal sensations like pain, burning,climatic changes,thermal relations, and ect…
Peculiar uncommon symptoms:
This is the speciality of homoeopathic system of medicine.For the choice of a suitable remedy these symptoms are very important.common symptoms that are seen almost in all patients are least important.