Precautions to be taken while combing hair

Hair combing is a routine activity of almost all people.Some people keep a particular hair style during their lifetime and a few notably younger generation embrace new styles according to new tendencies and fashion.Hair styles has close relation with all the character of a person.The hair of an unhygeinic individual is generally tangled and dirty due to absence of washing and combing.To possess a healthy scalp proper nutrition is needed.General health has got direct relation with the quality and quantity of hair.Regular washing,use of hair oil,proper combing ect are also needed to make the hair beautiful.General tips for combing is discussed here.
1) Different types of combs can be found in the market.The best comb is selected by considering the disposition of hair(hard or soft,short or long ),style and convenience.
Two ) Combing ought to be done with utmost caution and concentration.Some people especially gents consider a few other things and comb with no maintenance which may be bad for the hairs.
3) Combing ought to be gentle. A vigorous combing can boost hairfalling.
4) don’t comb whether the hair is wet. First dry it with a towel and then put some oil and lightly massage it.Now the cleaning will probably be easy and harmless.
5) shouldn’t be combed from the opposite direction of hairs.This can boost hair falling.
6) Vigorous combing in backward direction can produce traction baldness.

7) Frequent combing can harm the scalp and the hair follicles.Those that take pocket comb use it regularly and make it a habit.Combing two or three times every day is adequate.
8) The tooth of the comb should not be sharp and it should not be pressed too closely on the scalp.

9) Always wash the comb before and after usage because dirt and hair deposited in the gap will create combing diffucult and debilitating.
10) Others comb shouldn’t be used.This can help prevent fungal and bacterial infections.Head lice may also spread from one person to other by sharing the combs.
11) Combing the hair that is infested is difficult and painful.Hence use some shampoo for cleaning and after drying place oil and create the hairs free for a simple combing.