7 Signs That Indicate Your Child Has Autism Most People Ignore

Studies have approved that autism appears at the early age of childhood due to many reasons that could be occurred within the familial atmosphere. This issue starts mainly at the childhood age between 2 to 3 years old still it is explained as the age from which the child is more affected by his environment. At this period, many extrinsic or variables may happen to cause autism.

Having or adopting an autistic child/person may have resulted in many consequences since the main reason for it is explained as lack of experience or unconsciousness. A medical checkup could help at least the minimum possibilities to avoid that issue.
The next paragraphs address the top symptoms that any child could be autistic.

7. Trouble Maintaining Eye Contact

Well, eye contact is the most important element of any basic communication that is why it is seen as a variable of recognizing the success of any conversation. Normal people would simply talk to you and interact with you easily. However, autistic people may not respond to you like others. They most likely look as if they are not interested in such a conversation or they would not even respond to you. Many of them do not interact and talk with their family even the closest one to them, parents, let alone talking to strangers. Furthermore, communication at the first age may determine how well your environment is healthy, once a boy does not smile or even talk to you this might result in autism that’s why it is advisable to diagnose or do a medical checkup with a specialist.

6. Avoid Attempts at Social Interaction

Socialization is the main variable of being a successful person, but if a child shows no interest in being with his peers or does not make any efforts to talk, study, and play with others may be a cause of autism. Parents must pay attention to this point, they have to follow their children and let them play with others. At school, parents ought to ask teachers and educators about their children’s situation simply by seeing their interactions with others.

5. No Babbling or “Baby talk.”

NOAM CHOMSKY has proved the child’s language acquisition device. According to him, the child learns by doing, and the most thing that affects that learning is the environment. Yet, children are most likely exposed to their surroundings in terms of 1st language-learning they repeat what they hear by combining syllabus and sounds. Still, this might explain many things. If a child does not interact or babbling then there is something wrong at that age of learning.

4. Does Not Point or Gesture (To show interest such as waving hello or goodbye)

Kinesthetic learning or learning by doing is the most successful strategy to learn something simply because children learn by doing and they remember things by gestures, movements, and actions. Still, if a child is not free to express himself in his environment, this might cause autism. Parents should provide and reinforce their children to do so not to offend them when they do. I am afraid to say that some parents may be a cause of autism because of a lack of consciousness of this issue.

3.Struggles to Communicate

One of the biggest symptoms Toddlers who have autism show is difficult communication. We could
not hear them well. In other words, we could not interpret or even understand them sometimes. These people are maybe with spectrum dysfunction do not have the pleasure to stay around their

2. Repeating the Same Actions or Behaviors (Known As “Stimming”)

Another common thing most parents notice about their kids with autism is repeating the same action
many times a day. Or playing with the same stuff for months without talking to anybody even if this
person is from his family.

1.Difficulties in Socializing (Not engaging or communication with other kids )

Autistic people do not get bored of repeating the same thing, doing one activity during the whole day, or keep watching tv without changing the channel. Yet, many of them do not accept others to interact with them or share things with others. That seems like selfishness but indeed it is a matter of being autistic. Children may desire to play alone or act alone, but once it lasts for hours then it is not normal for them.

In conclusion, many other symptoms detect this issue autism, it is not easy to find it out but we as adults, parents, teachers, and educators must be aware of it because it may last forever if the solution is not provided at the right time. I would like to mention that though autistic people face many problems in our country, but we as conscious people should provide the right interaction and treat them as normal people. In addition, this kind of person has high qualities and mastery of languages, mathematics ….